ISO 9001

This standard for quality management is probably the most well known standard in the world. ISO 9000 standards are implemented by some 610 000 organizations in 160 countries. ISO 9001 has become an international reference for quality management requirements in business-to-business dealings.

ISO 9000 family is primarily concerned with “quality management”.

This means what the organisation does to:

  • meet customer’s quality requirements
  • meet applicable regulatory requirements
  • enhance customer satisfaction
  • achieve continual improvement

You can obtain certification by following the scheme process described in the right-hand column.

N.B. Sovereign Certification has developed a sample quality management manual that can be amended and adjusted to meet an applicant’s specific organisational requirements.

Using the manual clients are able to meet the standard’s requirements in a simple way. The manual is intended to reflect all the mandatory requirements of ISO 9001 and can be used to form the basis for the Sovereign Certification assessment. The applicant is required to commit to the implementation and conformance of the manual’s content.

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